Chord Signature RCA to RCA



For 30 years, The Chord Company has been hand building cables with obsessive attention to detail. As with so many great companies, its road to success was serendipitous. It was 1985 and there came a need for high quality interconnects and adapters for a popular amplifier with a peculiar type of connection. Chord Co. was formed to fill that need. Rumour began to spread that not only were Chord’s interconnects of excellent build quality, but that they could actually improve the sound of your HiFi system! Such was the success with audio dealers in the UK and abroad that they began to grow quickly. They’ve been improving the sound of music systems ever since. Started by Sally Kennedy, working out of her home, they quickly found the demand required not just more staff, but a building to produce the cables.

Their first product was a simple interconnect called Chrysalis. Not too expensive, good reviews; it set the standard for future products. They developed interconnects for a number of years, eventually moving on to speaker cables, digital audio and streaming. From the beginning, Chord has held listening parties, allowing the trained and not-trained ears of its employees to have a say in the creation of new cables. In the early 1990s, Sally hired Nigel Finn (aka The Cable Doctor) to head up product design and development. Constant evolution has been a key part of the company’s success – building on the performance of its existing products. Now, as just as then, any new cable added to the range not only had to perform better than the existing cables, but also justify its price.

Chord Company continues to produce quality products that are hand-built in the UK to an extremely high standard; maintaining the reputation for building good value for a high performance product, and having fun while doing so. You can still feel Sally’s influence today.


Chord’s philosophy in cable development is unique in that they believe that above all that listening to music is emotive, and that technology should not be applied blindly based on testing but how it makes you respond. Can you hear the vocalist’s intent more clearly? Can feel that magic moment when the bassist and drummer lock into a killer grove? Lose that, and you’ve lost the music. Quality cables should be insightful and tuneful. Just like car and driver, you can’t have one without the other. From the most basic to the reference, Chord makes the music with more detail and realism. For these reasons, Chord has never, nor ever will consider cables just an ‘accessory.’ They are an intrinsic part of delivering the best possible sound quality and musical performance.