Audio Advice Lends Their Thoughts on the Rega Planar 8 Turntable

Posted by The Sound Org on Aug 7th 2023

Sound Advice breaks down all of the highlights from the Rega Planar 8 Turntable. Following in the footsteps of all of the Rega turntables, the Planar 8 is a belt drive, unsuspended turntable on a single chassis. The design focuses on concentrating mass where it is needed and attempting to take it away from areas unwanted.

Where the Planar 8 moves away from other Rega turntables is in the design. It takes on a skeletal shape that is made up of a lightweight foam called Tan-Cast8. A brace runs between the bearings the arm to prove support and is positioned on three feet. Speed control on the Planar 8 is electric and found on the Neo PSU power supply.

All new for the Planar 8 is the addition of the RB880 Tonearm that can support cartridges such as the Ania, Ania Pro, and Apheta 3. All of these design aspects combined makes for a stunningly minimalist design. It features no components for show or design and instead makes use of that is needed.

As far as sound quality, the Planar 8 excels above its other turntables in an a totally different lane. This turntable requires almost nothing of the record and is able to take on any challenge. Its dynamic range is masterful. It even excels at taking the most complex time signatures and soaring with them.

With all of the details and elements combined, Rega has designed a turntable that is of upmost quality and style. It easily ranks among the best offerings on the market. And to make it even better, it’s so user friendly and easy to add into a setup.

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