Audio Advice Reviews the Rega Planar 10

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 28th 2019

Our friends over at Audio Advice got an opportunity to try out one of the first Rega Planar 10 turntables to arrive in the United States. Our own Bryce Allan shared the unit with them, showing them all the technological advances that Rega packed into the new turntable. 

Paired with the above video, Audio Advice also dove into an amazing in-depth review of the engineering, audio quality and features of the Planar 10. You can read the whole article on their website: Planar 10 Review at Audio Advice

The way the Planar 10 is put together, this could be a turntable that rivals the big rigs in the 10K+ range.

Paired with Rega's all-new Apheta 3 cartridge, the Planar 10 will retail for $6,695. The Planar 10 features a brand new RB3000 tonearm, custom-matched P10 power supply unit, and stylish dust cover.

The Planar 10 will be available for purchase from Audio Advice and your nearest Rega retailer in November and December of 2019. Be sure to get in touch with them soon and let them know to reserve a Planar 10, as supplies will be limited!