Chord Anni: A Small Giant

Posted by The Sound Org on Nov 8th 2023

Among one of the first companies in the hi-fi world to take Bluetooth seriously, Chord Electronics ushered in a new space in the market for those wanting portability without compromising quality. One of the best products that have come about since then is their desktop integrated applier, the Anni.

Some may question its power due to it being a miniature amp, but don’t be fooled. It still features the flagship dual-feed-forward circuitry that is most known for. With all of this in mind, the main purpose of the Anni is to be paired with headphones or speakers for desktop use. It has the power to drive big speakers and operate in a conventional way.

There is no lack in quality in the build of the Anni as well. It’s housed in an a black-anodised aluminum casing. It most definitely leans into the distinctness that every one of Chord’s product has. The Anni is no different. It has two headphone outputs that can be used at the same time if needed. The volume control doubles as a toggle between two inputs. The iconic multicolored control buttons are also present in pure Chord Electronic’s fashion.

Other notes while listening include the surprising and vast soundscape that is produced from such a small product. It’s full and robust when outputting to loudspeakers. The Anni shines even brighter when used with headphones. The sound is pure and clean while keeping the energy of the record alive.

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