Chord Electronics BerTTi: Available Now

Posted by The Sound Org on Nov 2nd 2023

Chord Electonic’s most affordable ULTIMA amplifier is available now! Residential Systems gave all of the details in their newly released article. Here’s some of the highlights:

Crafted in England, the BerTTi utilizes the next generation ULTIMA technology in an all new tabletop amplifier. Designed with the Hugo TT2 DAC in mind as its trusty counterpart, the BerTTi unlocks the full potential of the Hugo. And it doesn’t stop there either, the performance can be pushed further when paired with the Hugo M Scaler that allows users to upscale audio to 705.6kHz.

The main purpose of the BerTTi is signal correction and output. It’s a 75-watt amplifier that features dual-feed-forward error-correction topology. This system is able to monitor signals and correct them instantly before outputting them. The BerTTi is also the replacement to its predecessor, the TToby.

Check out the full article here for even more details