Chord Electronics' Most Affordable ULTIMA Amplifier: The BerTTi

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jun 18th 2024

The 75-watt stereo power amplifier introduced by Chord Electronics last year goes by the name BerTTi. It’s been deemed the most affordable Ulitma amp from the brand yet, but affordability doesn’t necessarily mean sacrifice. Let’s talk about it.

The BerTTi was designed to work with the Hugo TT2 DAC/preamp and replaces the TToby. It looks just like a Chord Electronics product with its aircraft-grade aluminum outer casing. Buyers also get two color options: Jett Black and Argent Silver.

In terms of inputs and outputs, users will find balanced and unbalanced inputs, loudspeaker outputs and a 10 A IEC inlet. The BerTTi is also capable of upscaling audio to 705.6 kHz thanks to the addition of the Hugo M Scaler.

The tech inside is a work of complex design that Chord Electronics is proud of. It works using their proprietary Ultima technology that monitors electrical and thermal performance continuously in order to make corrections in output.

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