Dream Team: The Rega Naia Turntable & Aura Phonostage

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Mar 12th 2024

AV Forums gave a full breakdown of everything surrounding the Rega Naia and Aura. There are many reviews out there covering these two products, but AV Forums was keen on reviewing this specific configuration of the two. They ask the question “What happens when you combine the two? Is this…the path to analogue nirvana?” (AV Forums).

Starting with the Rega Naia. It’s a belt driven unsuspended turntable from Rega that is on the cutting edge of their craftsmanship. The Naia is the most expensive and advanced turntable that Rega has ever sold. On the other side, we have the Rega Aura. It also comes in at the top of the lineup of phono stages offered by the brand. It’s a basic, hassle free device that looks and operates just as one would expect.

One of the selling points of Rega has always been its ease of use. Out of the many products in their offerings, no matter the price range or technological advances, they all operate the same for the most part. Compared to other offerings on the market that make the experience less about the music and more about reading instruction manuals.

How did these two perform? The Naia shines of course. Its ability to bring out all nuances from the records is truly a testament to the quality that Rega brings to the table. Alongside the Aura, it brings out an even brighter sound. AV Forums believes this combo could be one of the best ever. While some may have their doubts about how much better the Naia could be compared to the Planar 10 or maybe the visual spectacle is too subdued for some-one thing is clear: The Naia and Aura are the best of the best.

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