Headfonics Review of the Chord Electronics Hugo TT2

Posted by The Sound Org on Jun 19th 2023

A look at the Chord Electronics Hugo TT2. Headfonics gave their thoughts on Chord Electronics’ newest headphone amplifier.

The TT2 is a complex piece of technology that is the product of an evolution of tech that was previously found in the Hugo 2 and Hugo M Scaler. It’s a multi-use product that can be used purely as a DAC to feed into other amps, a dedicated preamp to feed into power amps, and a powerful headphone amp solution. By serving multiple uses, the TT2 appeals to a large range of consumers which makes it very popular.

One thing that users will find is that the TT2 fits perfectly into the design language of Chord Electronics. Its low profile shape and aluminum casing derives from its predecessors but still remains modern and futuristic. The hued out display is gone in favor of an acrylic display. This is said to help with the transmission of Bluetooth signals though the aluminum body.

Overall, the Hugo TT2 is a powerful amplifier that is great a not just one thing, but many things.

The full review covers individual details such as I/O, Volume, Packaging, and more in depth. Check out the full review here