Hi-Fi Choice Removes Noise from Their Audio System with Chord Co GroundARAY

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Nov 15th 2021

The Chord Company is dedicated to improving your audio system's performance by reducing signal noise and distortion. Usually they do so utilizing their expertly designed and crafted speaker cables and interconnects. However, they recently went a step further in their mission by introducing the new GroundARAY grounding devices. The GroundARAY go beyond just grounding unused RCA sockets, they can lower the noise floor in any system by adding a low impedance grounding path for for an RF interference. Chord Co makes GroundARAY devices for nearly any plug type, including RCA, DIN, XLR, USB, and HDMI.

Soon after introduction, the Chord GroundARAY won a Grand Prix award in Japanese hi-fi magazine PhileWeb. Then, it received a nod from The Audio Beat, who declared the GroundARAY devices were the "perfect way to go" in improving your system. Now, Hi-Fi Choice has had an opportunity to test and review the GroundARAY RCA and XLR devices and shared their thoughts in the Choice Extras column. 

During the first test, the reviewer found that adding an RCA GroundARAY in a PrimaLuna CD player made noticeable improvement in detail of the playback. Using an XLR GroundARAY in a Studer tape machine also subtly improved clarity, but adding a second XLR GoundARAY device didn't have any noticeable effect. Finally, using two RCA GroundARAY devices plugged into a valve preamp, the reviewer was stunned by the difference in sound quality:

This time, the improvement is very significant. When the device is removed, the vocals become less distinct. I then connect a second to the other channel of the preamp and detect a further improvement with a subtle reinforcement of clarity and realism. Repeatedly fitting and removing the GroundARAYs confirms they are lowering the noise floor, the music stands out more, is less grainy and has more refinement. I also have a greater awareness of the atmosphere and presence of the orchestra in my listening room.

Read the full review here, courtesy of The Chord Company and Hi-Fi Choice