Hi-Fi Plus Reviews the Chord Electronics ULTIMA 5

Posted by The Sound Org on Aug 7th 2023

Hi-Fi Plus breaks down all the details on the Chord Electronics ULTIMA 5 stereo power amplifier. In the last few years, Chord Electronic has developed a reputation of disrupting the market with their digital products. Some of this even led to criticism that they had forgotten about the analog space. Enter the ULTIMA 5.

The Chord Electronics ULTIMA 5 amplifier is the successor to SPM 1200 MkII amp. The mission of the ULTIMA line is to deliver power, speed, and high output current. They can also power loudspeakers with low distrotion. Technology found in the ULTIMA 5 is the Chord Electronics’ dual-feed-forward-error-correction system. There are a total of 64 proprietary lateral structure dual die MOSFETS present as well.

While we’ve talked about what’s found on the inside, the outside falls in line with the design language you’ve come to expect from Chord Electronics. The ULTIMA 5 is 22kg of CNC machined aluminum. It’s clunky, but solid. On the back, a slew of balanced and unbalanced inputs, a pair of high current speaker terminals, and a 12v trigger can be found.

Once powered up and testing, the ULTIMA 5 delivered mastered sound. The tone and timbre was excellent. Other remarks describe the sound has bright and clean, leaving out no details even from the smallest instruments in the mix. It doesn’t require specific records to be good, instead it boasts its power and agility with any record thrown at it.

At just over $14,000, the ULTIMA 5 delivers the best for a premium price. But, for consumers who are looking for the best, the search should be easy.

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