Power Up: Chord Introduces 3 New Mains Power Cables

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 12th 2022

Just in time for the holidays, The Chord Company made three separate announcements introducing their next generation of power cables. While many of Chord's products deal with optimized component interconnects and premium speaker cables, Chord has recently been working hard to reduce interference and throughout the system in less traditional ways. This includes improving the network via the gigabit network switch 8Switch or 16Switch, increased surface connection using the ChordOhmic Transmission Fluid, and removing RF interference with the Chord GroundARAY grounding devices

Now,  Chord is returning their focus to the very first step in the process: electrical power from the wall socket. Most people who work with electronics know that the power coming from the wall socket is rarely stable. While the electrical current is consistent enough to adequately power most electric devices, the constant fluctuations become far more apparent in sensitive devices like computers and audio equipment. When an entire system is based on transporting miniscule electric signals to the speakers, even the smallest fluctuation can introduce noise, interference, or distortion into the listening experience. That's why Chord has released three new power cables to fit nearly any budget.

Clearway Power

Following the rollout of several new signal-carrying cables in recent times, Chord Company has applied its 37-year expertise to power cables once more with the launch of Clearway Power.

Despite its low price Clearway Power comes with Chord Company’s Lifetime Warranty and joins recent additions, Clearway USB and Clearway Streaming, to provide a complete offering of digital, analogue, speaker and power cables in the Clearway range.

Offering the holy trinity of value for money, class-leading performance and Chord Company quality, Clearway Power is the ideal first step in any power supply upgrade.

Designed and hand-built in the UK, Clearway Power benefits from a highly effective dual-foil screen, to both reduce interaction with nearby cables and reduce pick up from damaging high-frequency noise, the bane of the modern household.

Based around three high-purity multi-strand copper conductors, Clearway Power also features internal and external PVC insulation with high mechanical damping, plus a high-density vibration-damping outer jacket.

Clearway Power also benefits from a high-quality plug, in UK 13-amp and Euro (Schuko) configurations with either IEC or Fig8 connectors. Australian and USA plugs are also available to order.

Standard lengths are 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 3m with custom lengths to order.

Epic Power

Clean power for hi-fi devices and whole systems with the new Epic Power cable.

Expanding the Epic cable portfolio, which sits three rungs down from the flagship ChordMusic range, the new Epic Power is a high-performance power cable featuring Chord Company’s proprietary ARAY mechanical tuning technology.

Handmade in the Wiltshire factory, just outside historic Stonehenge, Epic Power benefits from high-purity, multi-strand copper conductors (with ARAY technology), PVC internal and external insulation with high mechanical damping, plus a dual-layer high-frequency-effective braid and foil combination shield.

Epic Power is finished with a high-density, vibration-damping outer jacket and is supplied with high-specification 10- or 16-amp IEC plugs.

Epic Power comes with Chord Company’s famous Lifetime Warranty and is available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 metre lengths, with custom lengths and terminations (including Europe, USA and Australia) available to order.

The wider Epic cable range offers digital and analogue interconnects, loudspeaker cables, plus specialist products, including HDMI AOC, XLR and DIN cables.

ARAY-based SignatureX Power

The time-proven Signature range gains a new high-performance power cable: SignatureX

Chord Company’s time-proven Signature range, launched back in 1998, is set to benefit from a new, high-quality power cable: SignatureX.

Handmade in the Wiltshire factory, just outside historic Stonehenge, the new SignatureX features the company’s proprietary ARAY mechanical tuning technology, plus the latest XLPE insulation, as seen in many of the company’s recently introduced loudspeaker cables.

The new SignatureX directly replaces the previous Signature ARAY power cable. It benefits from significantly heavier-gauge conductors, offering lower resistance and improved efficiency, a high-quality foil with high-density braid screen, plus a PVC outer jacket.

SignatureX’s heavy-gauge multi-strand OFC copper conductors with ARAY geometry are terminated with custom-designed IEC and outlet connectors, which are engineered with silver-plated external and internal contacts for maximum performance.

The new SignatureX comes with Chord Company’s famous Lifetime Warranty and is available in 1, 1.5, 2 and 3 metre lengths, with custom lengths and terminations (including European, USA and Australia) available to order.

The Signature cable range is positioned behind the flagship ChordMusic line and range-topping and Sarum T line, and offers digital and analogue interconnects, loudspeaker cables, and specialist products, including tonearm, XLR and bi-wire links.

All three cables are available for the UK market, but the US-rated power cables are in development. While available for special order at this time, The Sound Organisation expects to stock the new power cables in a US-friendly 120v 60Hz configuration by the end of the year. US pricing will be available soon.