Rega Ania and Fono MC Pairing reviewed by The Ear

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 14th 2018

Originally Published July 12, 2017

Are the co-designed Rega Ania and Fono MC the perfect dance team? Jason Kennedy judges them worthy of a Best Buy award.


With Ania and Fono MC, Rega has set off the change the game on entry level moving coil cartridge and phono preamp systems. Co-designing these two products takes the fuss-n-muss out of finding the right match, ensuring the perfect electrical and sonic complement. And ultimately the best sound quality. Keep reading for excerpts from review by Jason Kennedy.

What makes the easy system even better? Save $50 dollars when you buy them together! The Ania MC is $795 and the Fono MC is $495 US retail. Find a Rega Retailer near you.


“With the Ania fitted to a Rega RP8 turntable and connected to the Fono MC it delivered a very similar character to the Apheta 2 that usually inhabits that space. It has plenty of dynamic impact, good speed and the intrinsic musicality that Rega products consistently achieve.

I contrasted Ania with a Dynavector DV20X2L (£729 UK, $995 US) on a Planar 6, the Rega MC showing tighter bass, more precise tempo and better resolution of instruments like hi-hat and snare drum. Instrumental interplay is also very nicely resolved, the way that two musicians work together to intertwine the notes they produce is particularly strong. Which comes back to the musicality mentioned earlier, the emphasis is on the performance not the sound. The Ania had the advantage here of being on an arm and turntable that it was designed to suit but nonetheless it's a surprising result, the Dynavector is a pretty decent MC.

The Rega Ania and Fono MC are a pretty sweet package, you need a decent turntable and arm to make the most of them, an RP6 at least, but given that, the result is pretty damn close to the music power available with much pricier combos. In fact I can't think of a more inspiring record player than RP8/Ania/Fono MC for £2,500. But be careful, it could give you a chronic case of vinyl addiction.”

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