Rega Planar 10 Named Best Turntable by Hi-Fi World

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 27th 2021

Why it may come as no surprise to anyone who has had the privilege to own or even listen to the  Rega Planar 10, but earlier this year, Hi-Fi World named the Planar 10 the Best Turntable of 2020. Nearly every reviewer or audio critic who has heard the Planar 10 has been wowwed by the accurate and transparent playback and the overall value of Rega's premium turntable. 

Basing their award on the  March 2020 review of the Planar 10, Hi-Fi World states that the Rega Planar 10 turntable "delivered dynamite dynamics from LP in a way few others can match." Reviewer Noel Keywood goes into substantial detail in his listening test of the turntable, equipped with an Icon Audio PS3 Mk2 phono stage and Stereo 30SE amplifier, with Chord Epic analog interconnects, Martin Logan ESL-X electrostatic speakers, and Chord Signature speaker cables. The first impression offered powerful yet tight bass with atmospheric highs. Horns came across especially well, and vocals matched in firmness and clarity. Keywood points out that the Apheta 3 cartridge was adept at pulling out plenty of insight, even in the inner grooves that can confound many quality cartridges. 

"Rega's Planar 10 is very much an analogue turntable. Yes, I know they all are – but some push closer to CD balance these days. Not this one. It's fulsome, bass powerful and lush. With great stage depth, pin sharp imaging and no sign of noise – due substantially to the Apheta 3 cartridge in a great arm. The Planar 10 is a wonderfully judged analogue spinner well worth hearing."

Naturally, Rega's top-of-the-line retail turntable was a near shoo-in for the  World Award for best Turntable.

Read Noel Keywood's full review of the Planar 10 Review here, courtesy of Hi-Fi World and Rega Research