Rega Unleashes the Naia

Posted by The Sound Org on Dec 6th 2023

The Rega Naia is here and it’s ready to play by different rules. What started as a one of one, unaffordable dream machine eventually evolved into a feat of technology and engineering only Rega could pull off.

Let’s start with the looks. To put it plainly, it’s unlike any other turntable on the market. What you will find is layers of graphene infused carbon fibre that make up the Tan Cast 8. The plinth rests on skeletal aluminum feet. The bearing in the center is made up of Zirconium reinforced aluminum. Similar to the Planar 10, the platter is ceramic but adds even more thickness. Even with all of these big words thrown around, the overall appearance is stunningly simplistic.

Now for what really matters: How does it sound? The overall takeaway is just how much detail the Naia pulls from the record. It almost makes records sound new again. As if you hadn’t heard them before due to the amount of detail it is able to extract and project. It’s incredibly precise without making them music so perfect that it’s boring to listen to. No matter what you run through it, the Naia finds a way to perfectly keep up while keeping the record exciting.

The best thing about the Naia is that it’s an unparalleled vinyl experience that doesn’t take up an entire entertainment center. It’s quite compact and low profile for something that propels so much energy. For Rega, this is a crowning achievement that should be remembered as such.

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