Revisiting the Chord Electronics Anni Integrated Amplifier

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 9th 2024

Chord Electronics has always had a knack for finding new pockets in the market of hi-fi. This began with the introduction of the Hugo and Mojo. But, the Anni innovates in new ways with the addition of key features that take it beyond just a typical amplifier.

The Chord Electronics Anni is a miniature amplifier that uses the same dual-feed-forward technology that is found in the high-end Ultima amplifier. The Anni is designed for desktop use paired with either headphones or speakers.

Two headphone inputs can be found on the Anni and can be used at the same time if needed. As far as the controls go, it’s pretty straight forward. The volume control allows the user to toggle between each input. It has a power output of 10 watts per channel with a 15v DC external power supply.

The overall build quality is up to standard with the Chord Electronics’ brand. Even with its small size, the Anni is a robust and sturdy machine. This is in part by the black-anodized aluminum casing that houses all of the tech. The overall appearance won’t feel out of place to anyone who is familiar with Chord Electronics.

How does it sound? The sound might surprise some who fear that its small setup may not be up to par. It’s robust and full while packing in tons of detail. It seems to perform at its best when utilized as a desktop amp.

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