Revisiting the Ultima Integrated

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 22nd 2024

The Ultima Integrated was introduced to the lineup just five years ago and has become a staple in the hi-fi world. At the time, part of the biggest intrigue of the Ultima Integrated was that it inherited technology from higher tier models that made its way down to the integrated amplifier.

The Ultima Integrated looks unmistakably Chord- robust, silver, and one of a kind. The aluminum is carefully cut and is always aircraft grade. The company’s coveted dual-feed-forward topology. This is designed to monitor and fix signals before they are heard as well as keeping the noise low.

In terms of power, the Ultima Integrated is an analog amplifier with a Class A/B output. This will gives the listener 125 watts per channel into 8 Ohms. Another interesting feature is the volume control. It is not linear which means that as the volume control opens up more, the gain is then more heard. Aka turning the volume control to a lower setting actually makes the gain louder. It takes some getting used to, but it’s actually a very smart system that has benefits.

As far is inputs, you’ll find 4. Three unbalanced and one balanced. Other outputs included a balanced pre-amp that allows for driving larger amps. In terms of the sound quality, listeners will enjoy clean, strong, rich results. It’s smooth and soft in a way that you wouldn’t expect by looking at the intensity of the design of the product.

Boldly designed and even bolder results, the Ultima Integrated is still the best out there after its first few years on the market. Chord Electronics know how to create well operating machines that look and feel the part. Check out the Ultima Integrated today.

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