Spendor A7 Floorstander Gets 5 Stars from What Hi-Fi?

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 21st 2022

Spendor has been making amazing loudspeakers since the 1960s, and is world-renowned for their amazing clarity and spectacular build quality. While Spendor has grown and evolved in the last half-century, their dedication to providing excellent speakers has only grown stronger. A few years ago, Spendor updated their product catalog and focused on three main lines of speakers: the A-Line, D-Line, and Classic Line. While much has been said about the retro-inspired Classic Line, and the dynamic D-Line, the A-Line speakers have recently been bringing home the honors.

What Hi-Fi? recently reviewed the largest of the A-Line speakers, the Spendor A7. Not to bury the lede, What Hi-Fi? began the review with their verdict: "Gorgeous with vocals, detailed and dynamically expressive, these elegant Spendor floorstanders delight at every turn." Offered in four high quality veneers, the A7 speakers present a simple and elegant form factor with "crisp edges and impeccably smart wood veneer finishes" in Black Oak, Walnut, Natural Oak, and Satin White. Spendor is particularly inclined to have high-quality cabinets, being one of the very few that build their cabinets in-house and can monitor product control throughout the build process. Despite being the largest of the A-Line speakers, the A7 can easily meld into any room with slim dimensions of being 7" wide, 12" deep, and just over 3 feet high. The reviewer found that 7-10" away from any wall with a slight toe-in toward the listening position is golden for the A7s, with proper placement bringing in gorgeous stereo imaging and solid focus with a great grip on bass.

We're fully expecting the A7 to sound like the A4, but bigger. And that's exactly what the A7 are – but with even greater insight and dynamics accompanying the grander scale. Detail levels are fantastic, with each instrumental strand and vocal quirk laid bare. The sound is terrifically clean and organised, but where other Spendors (such as the previous generation A5) prioritised refinement, these A7 also pack in bags of punch to keep things sounding lively.

Recognizing the A7 speakers for their Stunning insight and precision, expressive sound, excellent build and finish, and their compact size and unfussy nature, What Hi-Fi? gives them a full 5 stars. But what's even better, the Spendor A7 won "Best floorstanding speaker over £2500" in the  2021 What Hi-Fi? Awards. Retailing in the U.S. for $5495 a pair, the Spendor A7s fit comfortably into most budgets. In fact, the Spendor A7s could easily compete against speakers in a higher price class. Ask to audition a pair at your local hi-fi store!

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