Timberworx: Spendor's Secret to Amazing Loudpeakers

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 17th 2022

It is no secret that Spendor makes excellent loudspeakers. While Spendor has been famed in the audio world since the 1970's, under Philip Swift the company has modernized its speaker lines t … read more

Spendor D9.2 Astounds Hi-Fi Critic

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 13th 2022

Of Spendor's three product lines, the D-Line has by far the fewest entries. While the A-Line has four main loudpseakers and the Classic holds 6 or so, the D-Line is made up of just two loudspeakers … read more

In-Depth AVForums Review of Spendor Classic 4/5

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Mar 21st 2022

The pedigree of the Spendor Classic 4/5 starts with a legend for the small speaker to live up to. The Classic 4/5 is the current incarnate of Spendor's famed LS3/5a built for the BBC (itself an … read more