Stereonet Australia Applauds the Planar 10

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Dec 19th 2019

The Planar 10, Rega's newest turntable, reached Australia a few weeks ago and the folks over at StereoNet Australia had the opportunity to put it through its paces. Since it's release, many have been wowed by the Planar 10, impressed with its ability to outshine turntables that cost many thousands more. Now, StereoNet has weighed in with their own review of the esteemed Planar 10.

StereoNet's David Price spent some time discussing the new Planar 10 with Rega's Roy Gandy before moving into a detailed description of all the new improvements on the turntable. Impressed with the Rega's transparency in playing the record without getting in the way of the music like most other turntables, Price awarded the Rega Planar 10 the distinguished 2019 Applause Award.

"This deck just took me straight to the heart of the music, giving an open, detailed, rhythmic and dynamic sound that reminded me why I love this song so much.
...Then there’s the soundstaging. I’ve always thought this to be a forte of Regas, but here it is, further improved."

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