Learn more about the Rega Naia

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 21st 2023

At this year's Bristol Hi-Fi Show, Rega unveiled a truly surprising new product: the Rega Naia. No, that's not a typographical error, this is a different product from the famed Naiad. Beyond just d … read more

Sound Organisation at AXPONA 2023

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Mar 21st 2023

The Sound Organisation will be back at AXPONA this year, exhibiting some of our crowd favorites and products we know you'll want to hear! AXPONA will be held April 14 -16, 2023 this year at the Ren … read more

[VIDEO] Pearl Accoustics Discusses Iconic Turntables

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Feb 23rd 2023

Pearl Acoustics founder Harley Lovegrove has been a voice in the audio industry since the 1960s and his Sibelius speakers are widely respected on both sides of the pond. While Harley no longer runs th … read more

Rega Planar 1 Turntable Reviewed on Future Audiophile

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Nov 9th 2022

Rega Research is a stalwart name in the audio world. For decades, Rega has produced the best analog turntables on the market from their entry-evel Planar 1 Turntable to their top-of-the-line fla … read more