The Chord Anni Integrated Amplifier: Small But Mighty

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 21st 2024

The Chord Anni is an integrated amplifier that packs a ton of features into a relatively small package. It’s simple to use and follows through with build quality Chord El;ectronics customers have come to know and love. Our friends over at Future Audiophile take a look at what the Chord Electronics Anni has to offer.

This small, desktop style integrated amplifier is simple yet effective. It all starts with the physical quality of the device. Oftentimes when products are made small that also means they are made cheaply. However, Chord does not believe in that. The Anni is a solid. And its size makes it even easier to fit on a desk within an existing setup. It’s not obstructive or in the way at all.

As far as inputs and buttons go- it’s fairly straightforward. The Anni features a 3.5mm headphone jack as well as a quarter inch one. There are 2 RCA inputs found on the back of the device and a ground for connecting to a turntable. On the font there is a volume control, gain switch for moving from headphones to speakers and the power button.

The performance of the Anni matches the quality we’ve already discussed. This isn’t something that’s going to power a huge setup so keep that in mind. However, for smaller setups it has more than enough power. The biggest note that the reviewer made is the amount of space that the Anni allows for in a record. It helps when the tension is building and keeps the momentum moving forward. It also has a great ability to form a soundstage and really puts the listener at the forefront of the instruments.

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