The Ear Gives Rega Planar 10 Editor's Choice Distinction

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Nov 21st 2019

Rega's newest turntable is the Planar 10. Like the Planar 8 that was release last year, the Planar 10 draws its lineage from the Naiad turntable and is stark improvement upon the previous RP10 model. Equipped with Rega's latest advances in engineering and highest-grade materials, the Planar 10 challenges all turntables regardless of price. We're positive there's no better turntable at this price point, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a better turntable even at higher price points. 

Jason Kennedy of The Ear recently got the opportunity to try out the Planar 10 using both the Aphelion cartridge and the all-new Apheta 3 cartridge (either cartridge can be bundled with the turntable for a substantial discount!). Jason was impressed with how little character the Planar 10 added to the music: creating a more realistic, detailed reproduction of the source material. 

The result was very much in the less is more camp, less turntable character equalling more musical detail. In many ways the P10 doesn’t sound like a turntable in the usual sense, it is devoid of the ‘warmth’ that many associate with vinyl but full of the music that was recorded in the studio or concert hall and mastered onto the acetate before being turned into stampers. In other words it sounds more like the original recording than record players usually do.

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The Planar 10 will be arriving in US hi-fi shops this holiday season! Click here to find your nearest Rega dealer and listen for yourself!