The Rega Aya Loudspeakers Are Here

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 17th 2024

Rega’s brand new loudspeakers are here and ready to shake up the world of hi-fi. Hi-Fi Choice just published their thoughts on the all new Aya loudspeakers and we’re gonna break down some of the highlights.

What is the Rega Aya? This is a set of 2.5-way floor standing loudspeakers from UK based audio brand Rega. While this may seem like a lot of chatter about what is otherwise a tame and lesser interesting side of the market- this is not the case for the Aya. Rega had to put their own spin on the product and it makes for a very interesting package.

Rega feels that using the traditional MDF for speaker manufacturing is no longer cost effective nor innovative. They instead opted for GRC or glass reinforced cement. It sounds crazy, but hear us out. GRC uses long glass fibre strands to boost the strength of the casing, but not increasing the overall weight. Rega hopes to see success in this new method with the Aya and upon the results will move this design language into other products.

Overall, the build quality is exactly what you would expect from Rega. It’s solid, modern, and aims to age well. Grey is currently the only finishing color offered and it is unknown in Rega plans on expanding the color selections. The Aya also manages to stay out of the way. Its design is fairly compact for being floor standing loud speakers. The review also added that it was quite easy when placing it against walls and that its design didn’t make it hard to place in the home.

With design out of the way, perhaps the most important part is how these speakers sound. The review describes how engaging the speakers are out of the gate. It seems impossible to be merely a bystander next to these speakers without being fully drawn in. The tones are rich and the consistency is immaculate.

There’s much more to cover as the Rega Aya loudspeakers make their way into the market. For now, check out the full review here