[Video] 50 by 33 and a Third: Fifty Years of Rega Research

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 14th 2023

Rega Research has been celebrating their Fiftieth Anniversary of making amazing turntables and revolutionizing the hi-fi industry. As part of the celebration of their storied history, Roy Gandy gave an amazing interview with Right Angle films to highlight the overall Rega Ethos, Roy's history with creating turntables, and what's next for the company. Title "50x 33 and a Third", a reference to popular long play vinyl record, this short film is a must-watch for any analog lover. Watch it here:

What did you think? Rega has a turntable for every budget, from the introductory Planar 1 to ultra high-end reference Naia turntable. Rega has over the years branched out to other aspects of the hi-fi industry creating award winning amplifiers, cartridges, and even loudspeakers, including the new Kyte and AYA speakers. Learn more about Rega Research here, or click here to find a local retailer and hear for yourself!