You Can Exchange Your Old Rega Cartridge for a Precise Rebuild!

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 4th 2019

    Exchange your old Rega cartridge for a rebuilt one at a reduced price!

    Whether it’s normal wear and tear or a tragic accident resulting in a bent cantilever, at some point there will come a time when you need to change your cartridge. Now, you can turn that unfortunate situation into an opportunity!

    If you should damage or wear out your Rega cartridge, simply return it to your Rega dealer and they will order you a rebuilt cartridge as a replacement. In an effort to be more eco-conscious, Rega found a way to reuse the bodies of the old cartridges and pass the savings on to you! (Click here watch some of the work at the factory.) Just like any brand new cartridge, the rebuilt cartridges are fully tested over two days and offer the same performance as any new cartridge.  

    The rebuilds are sold at a reduced price once you trade in your worn or damaged units. 


    Trade-Up and Save:

    • Aphelion 2 rebuild exchange (savings case by case)

    • Apheta 3 rebuild exchange ($500 savings) $1745

    • Ania Pro rebuild exchange ($300 savings) $925

    • Ania rebuild exchange ($200 savings) $695

    • Exact 2 rebuild exchange ($100 savings) $575

    • Elys 2 rebuild exchange ($40 savings) $305

    • RB78 rebuild exchange ($20 savings) $165


    More Info on the Trade-Up Program:

    You can apply the savings towards the same model OR purchase of a higher-end upgraded cartridge model (however you cannot go down the range)

  1. Trade-in returns can be handled by your local Rega retail partner, click to find yours here. If you have additional questions or you're having difficulty, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance!