The Chord Company Unveils the PowerHAUS

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Mar 15th 2022

Last week, The Chord Company announced their newest product, the PowerHAUS. The Chord Company produces the audio industry's finest cables, with 7 major ranges of quality to fit any budget. W … read more

Stereophile Deems Fyne F500SP "Texture Kings"

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Feb 25th 2022

Fyne Audio's Special Production loudspeaker series is based on their popular F500 series, with some material and production upgrades borrowed from the higher-end F700 series of speakers. The produc … read more

Ecoustics Takes Rega's Kyte Speakers for a Test Flight

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Feb 18th 2022

Rega teased the Kyte speakers early in 2020 before the whole world fell apart. That delayed the Kyte's introduction for about a year, but that delay allowed the engineers at Rega Research to perfec … read more