Reviews the Rega Planar 8

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 30th 2019

The Planar 8 is the culmination of Rega's turntable technology, design and research all in one package. The combination of the RB800 tonearm, Apheta 2 cartridge, and Neo power supply take the unique design of the Planar 8 and maximize the performance in an amazing analog system. Additionally, the Planar 8's ultralight design and three-layer platter squeeze more performance from the system that allows it to rival it's inspiration, the legendary Naiad.


Lim Juan of recently got the opportunity to test out the Rega Planar 8 and its components. In addition to testing the Rega Turntable, Power Supply, and Catridge together, Lim had a chance to test against an impressive amount of equipment, swapping parts and sources to identify the strengths of each component. 

"Rega has every reason to be proud of the new Planar 8. A quality record player really makes you forget checking your subscribed YouTube channels and social media messages once the stylus is in the groove, and the 8's simple form, easy set up and infectious performance mean that even though it is far from cheap, it is arguably a fine value for money for what it brings in terms of musical enjoyment."

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