Everything You Need to Know About the Chord Qutest

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 2nd 2024

Jerry Del Colliano with Future Audiophile just released his review of the Chord Qutest DAC. This small digital-to-analog converter is the latest from Chord Electronic and it’s meant to get the job done without the fluff of extra knobs and buttons. It has already racked up an impressive set of awards and reviews, and this latest review on Future Audiophile does an amazing job of exploring all the reasons you should consider adding the Qutest to your line-up. Let’s break down some of the highlights from the review.

What is it? The Chord Qutest DAC is a small digital to analog convertor that is manufactured in England by the Chord Company. It’s a fairly basic machine that is focused on one thing: converting digital signals to analog.

In terms of build and looks you won’t find anything crazy. It’s a solid piece of aluminum that gives it a basic, but uniform look. It truly looks and feels like you could hurl it off of a building and it would survive the fall. There are no extra features such as a volume control or remote control. However, it is accepting of many different inputs including: USB-B, BNC, COAX and Optical.

What’s so great about the Chord Qutest is that it has a broad appeal to hi-fi enthusiasts. It gives the ability to pair with desktop components to boost the quality of a sound system.

How does it sound? Jerry described the instruments having a great vibrancy as well as space to breathe. Overall he experienced a relaxed and comfortable output from the Qutest. You won’t find it attempting to over correct or enhance the audio, instead it’s a clean and confident sound.

In a world of streaming, the Chord Qutest will stand the test of time due to its compatibility in the audio world. It’s easy to use, small and compact all while delivering stellar results. It will definitely make a great addition to any hi-fi setup.

Read the full Qutest review here, courtesy of Future Audiophile