What Makes the Mojo 2 So Great

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jun 18th 2024

Since its initial introduction in 2015, the Mojo DAC soared in popularity. Nearly 2 years ago the sequel was unleashed and received acclaim. Let’s revisit the Mojo 2 and break down some of its un … read more

Everything You Need to Know About the Chord Qutest

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 2nd 2024

Jerry Del Colliano with  Future Audiophile just released his review of the Chord Qutest DAC. This small digital-to-analog converter is the latest from Chord Electronics and it’s meant t … read more

The Mojo 2 Gets Even Better

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 11th 2024

After seven years, Chord Electronics has upgraded the portable DAC/Headphone amplifier. The Mojo 2 replaces the original Mojo while keeping all of the features that consumers have come to kn … read more

Triple Threat: The Chord Electronics Hugo TT2

Posted by The Sound Org on Nov 2nd 2023

The Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 is one of the best combo systems on the market. Combining DAC, preamp, and headphone amplifying capabilities making this machine desirable for almost all hi-fi … read more

The Best Headphone Amps for All Budgets

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 14th 2023

BBC Magazine recently gave out their recommendations for the best headphone amplifiers for all budgets. Here’s what they came up with: To provide a little context, a headphone  amplifi … read more