Fine Praise for Fyne F303 Floorstanding Speakers

Posted by The Sound Organisation on May 18th 2020

Fyne Audio broke onto the audio scene in 2017 and haven't stopped impressing ears since. Combining over 200 years of audio-industry experience and modern manufacturing practices, Scotland's Fyne Audio brings exceptionally great sonic performance to every price point. The F300 series is an excellent example of this combination: with prices ranging from $295 to $945 per pair, the F300 speakers fit comfortably in the "entry-level" or "value" price bracket, but offer music reproduction that you'd expect from speaker a class or two higher. At the top of the F300 series is the sizable F303 tower speaker, featuring two 6" bass/mid drivers and a 25mm tweeter in a D'Appolito configuration.

What Hi-Fi? reviewed the Fyne F303 speakers last year and had plenty of great things to say. The reviewer was impressed by the 38" height of the speakers, noting "at almost a metre tall, they cut an imposing, upmarket figure, especially in the walnut finish". The reviewer also points out that with this size comes a bigger, boomier sound, so an appropriate sized room with plenty of space will help the speakers to shine and perform at their best. The Fyne F303 performed dutifully in the review, earning a 5 Star rating from What Hi-Fi? and some very positive commentary:

We're happy to report that the sonic characteristics we’ve loved so much in previous Fyne speakers are present. Ultimately, this means the F303 speakers are exciting, upbeat and just fun, which unsurprisingly makes them hard not to love.

Listening to Hans Zimmer’s Time, we’re eager to hear how well these big cabinets can fill our room. And we’re not disappointed. As the track adds layer upon layer of stirring strings and brass to reach its epic denouement, the F303s effortlessly rise to the challenge. There’s serious scale to be had from these hefty cabinets, not to mention plenty of bottom end, thanks to that extra driver.

For powerful dynamics, these speakers will be hard to beat for the money.

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