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Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 22nd 2019

The Rega Planar 1 PLUS was introduced in 2018 to much fanfare and excitement. Rega Research, creator many of the best turntables on the market since the 1970's, surprised the audio world by creating a plug-and-play turntable without the need for an additional phono stage. Offered at a great price, the  Planar 1 PLUS could bring a new generation of music lovers into the HiFi world. 

The HiFi and audio equipment world responded very well to the Planar 1 Plus. The Sound Organisation has collected some of our favorite reviews and awards from across the industry below.

What HiFi? 5 Star Review


In May 2018, UK-based What Hi-Fi? gave the Planar 1 PLUS its coveted 5-Star Rating, stating "the Planar 1 Plus is the perfect marriage of convenience and sound quality." 

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The Ear Names Planar 1 PLUS Best Buy


The Ear bestowed its Best Buy award to Rega's Planar 1 PLUS in May, chastising Rega for not including the phono stage in the entry level turntable sooner. The Ear noted the exceptional build quality of the Planar 1 PLUS, especially for a turntable at this price point. "If you don’t want to become a vinyl junkie avoid the P1 Plus," states the reviewer, "but if you want to hear more of what your favourite artists are trying to communicate beat a path to the dealer’s door and don’t forget your records."

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Hi-Fi Choice Recommends the Planar 1 PLUS


The Planar 1 Plus graced the cover of Hi-Fi Choice in July 2018 with an in-depth review. Hi-Fi Choice awarded the new turntable its Recommendation, with 5 stars in Sound Quality and Value for the Money. "[The Planar 1 Plus] does a brilliant job of engaging and pulling the listener into the music." Hi-Fi Choice also lauded the PLUS's ease of use and forgiving nature, allowing music lovers to enjoy their favorite music with less fuss.

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AVForums Deems the Planar 1 PLUS a Best Buy

Ed Selley from AVForums is no stranger to Rega turntables, but he seemed quite impressed by the Rega Planar 1 Plus when he gave the turntable the Best Buy 2018 award. Selley praised the ease and quickness of set-up, stating a 10 year old could unbox and have a working turntable within five minutes. But, that wasn't all: "This ease of setup is well balanced against a turntable that manages to feel like it has been carefully assembled and at the same time, like it is a bespoke piece of equipment."

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ToneAudio Praises Rega's Planar 1 Plus

ToneAudio's Audiophile Apartment had a fantastic review of the Planar 1 PLUS. The review praised the level of technology, ease of set-up, and inherently better sound of the PLUS. The review also notes other advantages of the new turntable: 

"Having the phono preamplifier built in, and a line level output has another big benefit; it no longer has to be on top of the equipment rack. The P1 Plus had no problem driving a 20-foot length of Cardas Crosslink interconnects, which makes it easy to put your table in a more convenient, and perhaps more of a central vantage point."

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Planar 1 Plus Changes Your Music Habits

The Planar 1 PLUS even caught the attention of writers outside of the hi-fi industry. In a piece for the Australian Financial Review, tech columnist John Davidson discusses the advantages of the Planar 1 PLUS from a non-audiophile stance. The entry level turntable makes high-end audio much more approachable to the uninitiated, and can push a whole new demographic into hi-fi. Davidson also discussed how it changed the way he listened to music—making listening a much more deliberate action. "[I]f we're hearing music in a renewed way it's because the whole process of obtaining and listening to vinyl music is so much more deliberate than just calling up a playlist on an app, and it's so much more mindful as a result."

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World Wide Stereo Names Planar One PLUS Best Gear of 2018

Finally, World Wide Stereo recently published a new review on the Rega Planar 1 Plus. The retailer praised the PLUS's simplicity in design and set-up as well as its smooth, low-noise operation. World Wide Stereo was impressed by the Planar 1 Plus enough to recommend the product as the Best Gear of 2018. "For under $600, you get a player that’s factory tuned to perform the second you lift it from the box. It’s such a simple high-performance turntable experience, we're confident you’ll be impressed too."

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