Premium Pairing: The Rega Naia & Aura Phono Stage

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 9th 2024

AV Forums recently reviewed the Rega Naia and the Aura Phonostage. These two powerhouses are designed like no others and produce incredible sound. This reviewer decided to configure a setup that isn’t found it other reviews. Combining the Rega Naia with the top of the line Aura creating a monster of a hi-fi setup.

To start with the Naia, from the outside it resembles much of the Planar 10. However, they actually are very different machines that hardly use any of the same parts. The Naia represents a dream machine that naturally made it on to the market.

If you’re in the market for the best phono stage, the Rega Aura is the way to go. It’s Rega’s flagship phone stage. The Aura was born partly as a solution to its predecessor, the los. The los was eventually replaced due to spec issues. The Aura dispenses signals through transformers only. It allows for two gain settings at 63.5 and 69.5dB.

Once these two products are matched up, it allows for a seamless experience with no hassle as Rega intended. That’s always been something that Rega has received praise for. Their products are made so complex, yet remain so user friendly.

How does it sound? The combo produces vivid sound that is transformative. The author described the experience as taking you back to the reason you bought the record in the first place. The details present are unmatched. It may even make you wonder how you’ve gone so long without it.

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