Redesigned & Reimagined: The Chord Ultima 6

Posted by The Sound Org on Nov 9th 2023

A redesigned Chord Electronic’s Ultima 6 has arrived. Chord’s latest iteration of the amplifier features a redesigned power supply, output transistors, and circuit layout. It’s all housed in a head turning aluminum grade chassis in true Chord Electronics fashion.

Reminiscent of a bank vault, the Ultima 6 falls in line with the design language of the Ultima Pre 3. Big oversized leg supports on each side, the iconic large glowing power button on the front, and overall large stature makes up this newly reimagined amplifier.

Like other new Chord Electronics products, their newly introduced dual-feed-forward topology is present in the Ultima 6. This technology was created to actively watch and signal correct before the output happens. This happens with the goal of increasing accuracy in the playback.

Upon first listen, it is decided that the Ultima 6 could pretty much drive just about any loudspeaker it was paired with. It takes total control of the record and renders clear, precise audio output. During one of the tests, the author comments on the amount of detail found in every strum of the acoustic guitars. Everything about the listening experience was tight and precise while still allowing the records to feel genuine.

There’s so much more to know about the redesigned Ultima 6Check out the full article here for all of the details.