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Rega Planar 6 Ania Awarded Best Buy | The Ear

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 15th 2018

Originally Published November 9, 2017


“The Rega Planar 6 is a heck of a turntable. Not just for the money but in the general scheme of things, only the obsessives like myself really need anything better. If it weren't for the RP8 I would challenge you to find a better turntable and arm combo for less than three times the asking price here. Yes it needs decent isolation and a good cartridge and phono stage, but every turntable does, and the P6/Ania package is very competitively priced. The RP6 was a more powerful and lively version of a P3, the P6 is a whole other beast, one with considerably greater subtlety and finesse. So don't let it's discreet styling fool you, this is killer turntable”
— Jason Kennedy |

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