The Ear Awards The Aethos a 5 Star Rating

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 14th 2020

Known for its best-in-class turntables, Rega doesn't always get the respect for the other audio equipment offerings. But, with the introduction of  the Aethos, all that might change. Rega's newest integrated amplifier takes aspects from the very popular Elex-R and Elicit-R amplifiers, and improves upon them, beefing up the power and putting it in a stunning new case. In terms of both price and power output, the Aethos falls into Rega's amplifier line-up between the Elicit-R and the reference-level Osiris, giving audio lovers a very affordable option for an amplifier that offers 156 W per channel into 6 Ω. 

Announced late 2019, the Aethos has been making its rounds to the hi-fi industry magazines. Soon after it was released, Ed Selley of Hi-Fi Choice got the opportunity to review the Aethos, where he gave it 5 Stars. Now, Jason Kennedy of The Earis up with another great review of Rega's newest amplifier. In accordance with Rega's typical goal for transparent reproduction of the source recording, Kennedy noted how the Aethos can really bring out new levels of clarity from your vinyl.

"[The Aethos] is a fast and clear-cut amplifier that unearths an awful lot of fine detail and presents it in a warts and all fashion, so great recordings have excellent separation between instruments and voices, and, where available, reverb gives the soundstage a scale and depth that’s almost walk-in deep."

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