The Mojo 2 Gets Even Better

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 11th 2024

After seven years, Chord Electronics has upgraded the portable DAC/Headphone amplifier. The Mojo 2 replaces the original Mojo while keeping all of the features that consumers have come to know and love about the original while adding even more into this compact amplifier.

The performance and build quality is a given when discussing products made by Chord Electronics. There’s a certain level of quality that has been established by the brand in the hi-fi world. One of the biggest differences from the original introduction of the Mojo versus the introduction of the newest generation is the sheer amount of imitators that entered the market after the original debuted. Fast forward to now and the Mojo 2 is up against many more competitors that ever. But, that’s not stopping it from being one of the best performing, compact DAC amps available.

In terms of connections, users will find microUSB, USB-C, digital optical, and a 3.5mm digital coaxial. There is no wireless functionality available, leaving the only option being wired connections. This does make the Mojo 2 much more favorable as a primarily desktop device. On the top you’ll find four controls that are as simple as they look.

As far as performance goes- there’s no surprises. The sound is excellent. It particularly excels in low frequencies and remains full and robust. It carries a level of energy that is able to be felt in all of the records it was tested on.

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