The Path to Luxury Vinyl: The Rega Planar 8

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jun 18th 2024

Perhaps the biggest name is Hi-Fi turntables, the lineup of Rega turntables is packed full of premium offerings. Inspired by the ultra premium and elusive Rega Naiad, the Planar 8 is here to serve as a bridge to the land of ultra high end turntables.

One of the most striking features of the Planar 8 is its look. It looks very untraditional compared to what most of the market has to offer. It starts at the base of the turntable with the plinth. It’s a foam core skeleton that is cut out to form the unique shape. While it’s effective at holding together the turntable, it’s also extremely effective at reducing vibration. On top you’ll find a removable lid that is meant to protect it from dust and debris.

While it looks striking, what really matters is how it translates vinyl to speakers. Spoiler alert: it does this extremely well. The author of the review explains that his favorite “trick” to show how well the Planar 8 performs is to play Rush’s Tom Sawyer via Spotify, then drop the needle on the remastered vinyl and watch as their friends hear things in the song that they had never noticed. Its ability to bring out the deepest details is truly admirable and makes owning the turntable feel fresh and new every time it’s used.

While the Planar 8 is in no way intended for those looking to enter the hi-fi world, it truly serves as the best upgrade for those on their way to high-end, luxury vinyl experiences. Read even more about the Planar 8 here.