Triple Threat: The Chord Electronics Hugo TT2

Posted by The Sound Org on Nov 2nd 2023

The Chord Electronics Hugo TT2 is one of the best combo systems on the market. Combining DAC, preamp, and headphone amplifying capabilities making this machine desirable for almost all hi-fi enthusiasts.

The TT2 boasts some complex technical inner workings. Its components are all derived from an evolution of previous Chord technologies. It can be broken down into three main uses:

1. It can be a pure DAC that feeds other amplifiers.

2. It’s also a dedicated preamplifier that can feed into power amps.

3. Lastly, the TT2 can be used for a headphone desktop amp.

The most popular part of the TT2 is the DAC. It has an output power of 7.3W and can globally control two Vrms voltage gain levels at low and high settings. While the inside of the TT2 is complex and meticulously designed, let’s not forget about its looks on the outside. It’s not a full redesign of the Hugo TT, but instead a refined refresh of it. Its relatively low profile and still features the square shaped design.

All in all, the TT2 is undeniably a powerhouse of a machine. There really isn’t much that the Hugo TT2 can’t achieve making it a must have for any hi-fi enthusiast out there.

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