What Makes the Mojo 2 So Great

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jun 18th 2024

Since its initial introduction in 2015, the Mojo DAC soared in popularity. Nearly 2 years ago the sequel was unleashed and received acclaim. Let’s revisit the Mojo 2 and break down some of its unique features.

Compared to the first generation Mojo, the Mojo 2 featured many updates and upgrades. These inlcude the additional 3.5mm headphone jack, USB-C input, and an all new fourth control button. The newest button can be utilized to mute, lock the controls, crossed, and adjust the tones. The Mojo 2 can also be utilized wirelessly thanks to the Poly streamer. Chord introduced the FPGA coding in the Mojo 2 that was essential in its digital to analog conversion process.

In terms of build quality and looks, the Mojo 2 falls in line with the Chord aesthetic. It’s a sturdy device with a heavier weight that makes it feel high quality. Its outer casing is a black metallic aluminum casing adorned with the colorful control buttons.

In terms of sound quality, the Mojo 2 bridges the gap between an amplifier and the headphones being using to listen. The most noticeable tone differences between the first and second generation tend to be found in the low end. The subs experienced a subtle boost and the overall sound felt more enhanced compared the original Mojo.

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