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News & Information

"Your Last CD Player" — Absolute Sound Reviews Bryston BCD-3

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 10th 2019

Are CD Players still relevant to a modern digital audio system? That was the question The Absolute Sound writer Alan Taffel set out to answer. Taffel was surprised to find that not only is a CD P … read more

AVTech Media Awards Rega Planar 8 Best Turntable of 2018/19

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jan 9th 2019

Rega's Planar 8 has been getting a lot of press, and rightfully so! Recently AV Tech Media has named the Planar 8 the Best Turntable of 2018-2019. The AV Tech Media awards are selected by the … read more

ChordMusic Named Top Interconnect Cable of 2018 by HiFi+

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Dec 19th 2018

Chord Company's ChordMusic has been awarded the Interconnect Cable of the Year for 2018 by HiFi+. ChordMusic cables combine advanced shielding, Chord's exclusive Taylon® Insulation, expertly engine … read more

​The Sound Organisation Expands Sales Team

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Dec 18th 2018

The Sound Organisation Expands Sales Team[ARLINGTON, TX] — The Sound Organisation, importer of high-end audio equipment, today announced that they have expanded their United States sales staff by br … read more