Fyne F301 Standmount Speakers Highly Commended from Hi-Fi News

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 29th 2020

Great music should be available to everyone, despite their budget. That's the theory behind Fyne Audio's 300 Series. While there are a lot of speakers in the "budget" and "entry level" price point, Fyne differentiates themselves by offering an finding ways to produce their audiophile-level speakers at a very attainable price. By using modern manufacturing strategies, intelligent material choices, and lower-cost designs, Fyne Audio is able to keep their premium performance at a modest price.


The 300 series of speakers may not have some of the notable features behind the speakers in Fyne Audio higher end  500700, and F1 series, but still offers technology that shows the experience of Fyne's Design team. In his review of the F301 speakers for Hi-Fi News, James Parker walks through the technology behind the speakers and the pedigree of the Fyne Audio. After briefly touching on the FyneFlute surround and its ability to reduce coloration, James moves on to the testing portion of the review.

During the course of his testing, Parker finds that the  Fyne F301s perform admirably with all manner of source material, are pretty easy to drive, and work wonderfully for a smaller space. Though the smaller speaker won't be able to adequately fill a large room and they have some difficulty powering through the low end, the speakers offer controlled bass response and crisp high-end. Before moving onto laboratory testing, James gives us some great insight: 

They may show the limitations of absolute low-frequency weight inherent in all loudspeakers of this size, but the little F301s do a good job of conveying a well-integrated sound, and are as enjoyable as they are mature-sounding. In a market that's not exactly short of choice, they're a worthy addition to the entry-level 'must listen' list, and certainly bode well for what else this new company has to offer.

With the aid of Keith Howard, Hi-Fi News offers us some great lab results. For those who are more objectively persuaded, then you should certainly check out the final page of the review!


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