Audiofi: Rega's Kyte Speakers Fly High

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jun 28th 2022

Rega released the much-anticipated Kyte speakers last year, following delays stemming from the pandemic. That extra delay actually turned out to be a boon for Rega, as extensive testing while await … read more

Ecoustics Takes Rega's Kyte Speakers for a Test Flight

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Feb 18th 2022

Rega teased the Kyte speakers early in 2020 before the whole world fell apart. That delayed the Kyte's introduction for about a year, but that delay allowed the engineers at Rega Research to perfec … read more

SoundOrg TV Episode 5: Roy Gandy of Rega Research

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 14th 2021

In the fifth episode of SoundOrg TV, Sound Organisation President Steve Daniels has an in-depth conversation with  Rega Research Co-Founder and Owner, Roy Gandy. After years of building his … read more