Hi-Fi Critic's Best Buy: The Rega System One

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Mar 22nd 2023

One way you can ensure you provide an excellent, hassle-free path to great listening is the all-in-one  Rega System One sound system. The Rega System one is complete analog playback system t … read more

Audiofi: Rega's Kyte Speakers Fly High

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jun 28th 2022

Rega released the much-anticipated Kyte speakers last year, following delays stemming from the pandemic. That extra delay actually turned out to be a boon for Rega, as extensive testing while await … read more

Tone Audio Declares Rega io "A Future Classic"

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 28th 2020

The  io, Rega's newest integrated amplifier, is shipping across the United States and available from many of your favorite Hi-Fi shops (if not, be sure to ask for it by name!). Introduc … read more