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What Hi-Fi? Reviews the Rega io

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Dec 28th 2020

In a year marked by unexpected shake-ups and disruptions in nearly every facet of life, its good to know that one thing remains the same: Rega made an amazing new product. The Rega io Amplifie … read more

Rega io Amplifier is AV Forum's Best Buy

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Nov 9th 2020

In a year in which we've all gotten more acquainted with our home stereo system, Rega introduced us to their newest integrated amplifier, the io. The diminutive size of the the io belies … read more

Sound Organisation Brands Take Home 15 What Hi-Fi Awards

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 23rd 2020

Each year, the writers and editors at What Hi-Fi? get together to decide the best products in Audio, Television, and personal electronics. Often, the great brands we represent at The Sound Organisa … read more

The Rega io is The Ear's Best Buy

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 9th 2020

Rega's newest integrated amplifier is the  io. While it may be Rega's smallest amp, it certainly offers the performance and presence that have made the larger Rega amplifiers popular. The ne … read more

Tone Audio Declares Rega io "A Future Classic"

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 28th 2020

The  io, Rega's newest integrated amplifier, is shipping across the United States and available from many of your favorite Hi-Fi shops (if not, be sure to ask for it by name!). Introduc … read more

Rega's New io Amplifier Astounds Hi-Fi Choice

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jul 10th 2020

If you want to suck the air out of a room of audiophiles, mention "budget amplifiers". As the powerhouse of your system, the amplifier may be the one place you don't want to cut cost … read more

First Look at the Rega io Amplifier

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Jun 8th 2020

Curious about Rega's new entry-level amplifer, the io? Well, you're in luck as our friends from Drearmonoids in San Antonio are back with another great Rega unboxing video. See the first io … read more

Bristol Hi-Fi Show 2020: Big Announcements from Sound Org Brands

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Feb 21st 2020

he Sound and Vision Bristol Hi-Fi Show is one of the biggest conventions for audio brands. Though not strictly for American markets, since most of the brands represented by The Sound Organisation a … read more