Sound Organisation Brands Take Home 15 What Hi-Fi Awards

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 23rd 2020

Each year, the writers and editors at What Hi-Fi? get together to decide the best products in Audio, Television, and personal electronics. Often, the great brands we represent at The Sound Organisation have a great showing, but this year takes the cake! With 15 products winning awards, we couldn't be happier to share the great news. Scroll below to see all the honors awarded to our brands and learn more about each of the products!


Best Standmount Speaker under £1500: ProAc Response D2R

Best Floorstanding Speakers under £500: Fyne Audio F302

Best Floorstanding Speakers £1500-2500: ProAc Response DT8


Best Turntable £200-500: Rega Planar 1

Best Turntable £500-750: Rega Planar 3 with Elys 2 Cartridge

Best Turntable £1000-2000: Rega Planar 6


Best DAC £300-500: Chord Electronics Mojo

Best DAC £500-1200: Chord Electronics Qutest

Best DAC over £1200: Chord Electronics Hugo 2


Best Stereo Amplifier under £400: Rega io

Best Stereo Amplifier over £2500: Rega Aethos


Best Speaker Cable over £15/meter: Chord Company Rumour X

Best Analog Interconnect under £50: Chord Company C-Line

Best Analog Interconnect over £50: Chord Company Clearway

Best Phono Stage under £500: Rega Fono MM Mk.3

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