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Tone Audio listens to the new DALI Opticon 1

Petite proportions means this wonderful little speaker will fit just about everywhere you can imagine. The DALI Opticon 1 features their innovative SMC magnet technology which dramatically reduces distortion. Teamed with DALI's signature brown-red colored wood-fiber woofer cones and soft-dome tweeters to produce a sound that is open and clear, with just the right hint of warmth. Hand assembled in Denmark, this is a remarkable speaker for just $995 per pair. Available in black, white and walnut. Find a Retailer near you to experience DALI.

DALI Opticon 1 bookshelf speaker
DALI Opticon 1 bookshelf speaker

Excerpts from the review:

Like all their other speakers, the Opticons are designed and built at DALI's factory in Denmark. Very few components are outsourced, giving DALI greater control over every aspect of the design and build processes. The level of attention to detail certainly shows in the final product.

...we put their tiny Opticon 1 speakers through their paces with impressive results, primarily due to technology trickle-down... Driving the woofer is Dali’s specially constructed magnet comprised of what they call SMC or Soft Magnetic Compound. Unlike traditional magnets, SMC is a compound that can be shaped into any form Dali requires. According to Dali, SMC also offers a sonic benefit through lower distortion during playback.

DALI Opticon 1 are designed in a ported bass reflex configuration. The port is placed in a very unique way: it’s incorporated into the recess for the binding posts. While an unexpected configuration, there’s a science behind the design choice. The port faces slightly downward, helping the DALI's to perform even in close proximity to a rear wall.

DALI Opticon 1 bookshelf speaker
DALI Opticon 1 bookshelf speaker

Immediately, the DALI lineage is apparent. It’s impressive how much these speakers do well, with the same natural tonal balance that the rest of their speakers are famous for. Once placement in the room is optimized, the Opticon 1s render a large, three-dimensional soundstage, disappearing in the room as a good mini monitor should.

Midrange transparency is a clear strength, portraying vocals with plenty of detail, but never at the expense of edginess or an overall loss in musicality resulting in fatigue. These speakers are easy to settle into for long listening sessions.

Highs are equally well extended and articulated, with the Opticon 1s revealing a lot of sparkle without grain. The touch of warmth to the presentation proves beguiling overall and helps these speakers work well with a wide range of entry level amplification choices. 

Like every DALI speaker, the Opticon 1s represent major value at their respective price point. Combining every aspect of design and manufacture in-house gives DALI an advantage that few other speaker companies enjoy, allowing them to pack so much performance into such a reasonably priced pair of speakers.

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