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Response D20

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The Response D18 has proven to be one of ProAc's most successful loudspeakers receiving critical worldwide acclaim. However, the D18 is only available with a dome tweeter, so to satisfy demand for people wanting a ribbon tweeter ProAc has redesigned the D18 using an upgraded cabinet with new bass loading, new crossover network and the ProAc ribbon tweeter used in other ProAc models.

This new exciting model is called the D20R and with the upgrades the sound quality has improved in all areas. Improvements comprise of a new cabinet with bass loading used in D30 and D40 models. A new crossover network and a ProAc ribbon tweeter as used in D30 D40 K6. The result is a wonderful open and expansive midrange with a substantial bass, ProAc ribbon tweeter giving sweet and detailed high frequencies, a large sound stage is also a bonus.

  • two-way system floor-standing loudspeaker bitumen-dampened MDF cabinet
  • down firing bass-reflex port terminates into plinth lightweight ribbon tweeter with rear damping
  • 165mm (6.5") glass-fiber weave woofer
  • 20Hz-30kHz frequency response
  • 8 ohm nominal impedance
  • 88.5dB sensitivity
  • 10 watt min, 200 watt max continuous
  • 27kg (60lbs) per side
  • 960mm (38.4") H, 190mm (7.6") w, 227mm (9.1") D
  • Standard Finishes: cherry, black ash, mahogany
  • Optional Finishes: ebony, rosewood (upcharge)
  • Special Order Finish: silk white, maple, oak