Rega Spacer Update

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Oct 15th 2018

Originally Published May 10, 2018

Mind the Gap

Consult your local Rega Specialist to learn more about Rega.

Note: On Rega turntables spacers should not be necessary unless you are you using an exceptionally deep bodied cartridge from another manufacturer.

Arm height or V.T.A adjustment can be a controversial subject. Rega believes that the integrity of the arm fixing onto the arm mounting board is much more important than the questionable facility of arm adjustment. The arm should be reasonably parallel to the record surface or slightly lower at the mounting. The only time a spacer is necessary to raise the arm height is if the rear of a cartridge is hitting the record whilst playing.

One made from Stainless Steel

His budget brother the Aluminium Spacer

Laser cut from 2mm aluminium and anodised black. Fits all Rega three point tonearms including the 2016 range of Planar turntables.

The Older multi height spacer is now discontinued so pick them up for the RP6,RP3 if you haven't treated yourself to one.

GOODBYE OLD FRIEND: The 3 point plastic spacer is no longer made.

Legacy Arms

The 2mm stainless shim for older Rega tonearms RB250 / RB300 that mount using a nut on the underside, can still be obtained @ $15 Ea.

Sleeved Nut ($20 Ea.)are also available for owners who need more than 4mm of VTA rise on an legacy arm. EDIT: Sleeved Nuts have been discontinued. More information here.