Sound Organisation at AXPONA 2023

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Mar 21st 2023

The Sound Organisation will be back at AXPONA this year, exhibiting some of our crowd favorites and products we know you'll want to hear! AXPONA will be held April 14 -16, 2023 this year at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel and Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL. Sound Org will have two rooms for listening, Rooms 664 and 668. See below for list of the equipment we'll be showing off in each room (subject to change). We hope you'll join us in either or both rooms this April!

Room 664

Co-Hosted by Chord Electronics and The Chord Company



Chord Electronics M Scaler Chord Electronics DAVE Spendor D9.2
  • Chord Electronics M Scaler: The Chord Electronics M Scaler is a is a standalone upscaling device containing the world's most advanced digital filter.
  • Chord Electronics Dave: DAVE is Chord Electronics' flagship Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) featuring the very latest FPGA technology to deliver significantly improved timing and the best noise-shaping performance ever known.
  • Chord Electronics Ultima Pre 3: Chord Electronics' brand new Ultima Pre 3 is a ground-up-designed preamplifier containing the very latest proprietary power supply technology and the latest circuit design.
  • Chord Electronics Ultima 5: Incorporating our latest-generation ULTIMA circuit topology, the new ULTIMA 5 is set to become a future classic. Considered to offer the ideal balance between performance and price, the ULTIMA 5 offers an impressively affordable 350 watts – enough to drive all but the most demanding loudspeakers.
  • Spendor D9.2 (Oak): A full three-way design, Spendor's D9.2 offers greater power and scale. The level of transparency, superbly natural sound and extraordinary resolution draws you in to explore the soundscape and discover every nuance of this highly musical presentation.
  • Cables:
    • Chord Signature Digital Super ARAY Streaming Cable: Connecting a Signature Super ARAY streaming cable to the streamer can produce profound improvements. Increases in clarity, definition and detail are easy to hear, but it’s the gains in coherence that are truly special.
    • Chord Signature Digital Super ARAY USB: Chord has reinvented their Signature USB cable by refining the effective gauge of the silver-plated copper conductors and uprated the insulation to a high-speed PE/LDPE/PE composite dielectric its own foil tape layer.
    • Chord Signature Digital Super ARAY BNC / XLR Cable: If you are fortunate enough to own one of the new generation of mid-price DACs, then the Signature Digital would be a very good cable to audition in your system. The Signature Super ARAY Digital uses the same Super ARAY conductor geometry as SarumT and our flagship ChordMusic digital cables.
    • Chord SignatureXL Speaker Cables: Chord has upgraded the Signature XL speaker cable by applying improved building techniques and materials such as more efficient shielding, silver-plated conductors and PTFE insulation.

Room 668

Co-Hosted by Fyne Audio


Rega Planar 6 Rega Elicit MK5 Fyne Vintage Classic VIII SM
  • Rega Planar 6: The Planar 6 is constructed around a unique ultra-light foam core plinth and laminates. The Planar 6 features the RB330 tonearm and a dual layer float glass platter.
  • Rega Elicit Mk5: The all new Elicit MK5 stereo integrated amplifier is designed and built to the highest standard. Housed in Rega's latest custom case to match the rest of the Rega range, the new MK5 builds on previous Rega designs by using their multi-award-winning Class A/B power amplifier circuit to deliver a powerful 105 W per channel into 8 Ω loads.
  • Fyne Vintage Twelve: Bringing all the scale, power and precision of the mighty Fyne Audio F1-12s to the Vintage Series’ timeless traditional design, the award winning Vintage Twelve is as stunning to observe as it is to hear.
  • Fyne Vintage Classic VIII SM: The Vintage Classic VIII SM standmount model brings all the nostalgic looks and rich performance of the Vintage Classic Series to a compact and easy to integrate loudspeaker.
  • Cables:
    • Chord ShawlineX Speaker Cable: To produce the ShawlineX, Chord took the existing conductor layout, added a specially chosen PVC internal jacket to reduce mechanical noise, before applying the same high density, dual-layer foil and braid shield used on the higher-end Chord Epic.

What are you most excited to hear? Contact us here to set-up an audition time in one of our listening rooms!