The Sound Organisation at AXPONA 2022

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Apr 22nd 2022

Wow, it seems like ages since we've had the chance to show off our hi-fi equipment at a trade show. It has been since 2019 that we last set-up a listening room, so needless to say we're all very ex … read more

SoundOrg TV Episode 12: Eddie Spruit of Quadraspire

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Dec 22nd 2021

In our final episode of SoundOrg TV, we called our good friend Eddie Spruit of Quadraspire. Steve and Eddie have been good friends for ages, and The Sound Organisation has proudly carried Quadraspi … read more

Quadraspire SVT and X-Reference Stands Compared

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Feb 5th 2021

Quadraspire produces some of the best hi-fi racks on the market. Instead of focusing on heavy materials that produce low-frequency vibration (and thus lots of distortion) they focus on a light … read more

Quadraspire QPlus Advanced Earns HFC's Recommendation

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 16th 2019

Quadraspire released the QPlus isolation feet series in 2018, and they've been making their rounds to reviewers and audio lovers since. A different approach to noise reduction in your hi-fi system, … read more

The Sound Organisation at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Posted by The Sound Organisation on Sep 8th 2019

The Sound Organisation is at the 2019 Rocky Mountain International Audio Fest in Denver, Colorado! We announced a few weeks ago that we'd be showing off seven different brands, and we're … read more